Royal LePage Kelowna Real Estate Report for September 2021

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These tips will maximise your space and open up your home

Sometimes our home can feel like the walls are closing in or we are living in a shoebox. How do we maximize our space without having to add and extension? The answer may lie in your décor, design and organization. Here's a few tips to make your home feel bigger without needing to add any square footage:

Furniture Fix Up

Rearranging your furniture can immediately change the flow of a room and open up the space. Face your furniture towards the window when possible, to increase the perspective of depth. If you can add a few pieces, choose furniture with legs that create the illusion of space by allowing your eyes to move through them. Or look for pieces that do double-duty like an ottoman that serves as a coffee table or holds storage.


Store and Stow

Speaking of storage, removing clutter by increasing your storage options will do wonders for your space. Make use of furniture with hidden storage, baskets for pet/children's toys and chests to fold up blankets when not in use. One expert recommends a clutter bin kept in a central place where you put things that have moved from their place or that you didn't have time to deal with immediately. Then, develop a daily habit to empty the bin by putting everything away before bed so you wake up with your space fresh and clutter free.


Light is Right

Use light to your advantage: light coloured paint, large mirrors to reflect light and enlarge rooms, and lots of little lamps and fixtures to light up all the dark corners or every room. Don't be afraid to leave dead space rather filling it with little things as the extra room can increase the perception of space.



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