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Make winter better at home. These helpful hacks will keep your home comfortable this winter
Make winter better at home. These helpful hacks will keep your home comfortable this winter
Make winter better at home. These helpful hacks will keep your home comfortable this winter
Is real estate investment right for you? Investing Wisely for the future can help ensure financial freedom down the road. But is now a good time for you to consider investing in a property? Check out the pros and cons below for some thoughts to consider: 
Sometimes our home can feel like the walls are closing in or we are living in a shoebox. How do we maximize our space without having to add an extension? The answer may lie in your décor, design and organization. Here’s a few tips to make your home feel bigger without needed to add any square footage.
Take advantage of good weather to make your home better. With a summer of increased freedom and high temperatures, you may be thinking of outings and exploring instead of your home base. Yet this is an excellent time to tick some important maintenance items off your list. Of course, you need to keep an eye on the air pollution index and wildfires, but it always feels good to get some outstanding projects accomplished while the weather cooperates.
This summer is shaping up to be a furnace! It’s early summer and we’ve already had record-breaking temperatures throughout the Okanagan. And while the hot, sunny weather is welcome in many ways, especially after being locked down, there can be a limit to just how much heat is bearable. Here are a few hot weather hacks to keep you from roasting:
The real estate market in the Okanagan continues to race along at near-historic rates, creating a selling climate not seen in more than 30 years. Some homeowners are even selling and renting short-term until the market cools down, just to take advantage of the prices. You may have wondered what your house would fetch on the market – now is a great time to find out. We can help you gauge the price of your home to get an idea of what the value might be.
How to find freedom within four walls. Improve your home environment and your mental health.
Maximize your home sale. The temperature is not the only thing rising in the Okanagan. Home sales continue at a near-historic rate, with some homes even going for above the asking price, as bidders drive the prices up. With early spring as the usual peak time for sales, it is paramount to have a Royal Lepage REALTOR® in your corner. We will help you to get the best deal possible.
We are all in this together. These creative ideas will help you connect with those in need. As we near the end of winter in the Okanagan, the season has felt longer for many due to lockdowns and restrictions.
These summer projects will boost your return in a rising market.
Unique times create opportunity. Position yourself strategically as the market picks up.
Serving those real estate needs safely. We have creative solutions to keep your buying and selling safe.
How to Thrive During COVID-19. Amid difficult times, your response determines your success.