New Study Finds Money Makes Canadian Women Happy!!

I didn't make this up, honest, someone actually spent time studying this! 

Now that I have your attention, you may have heard that interest rates have dropped as have gas prices... what will we do with all the extra money we have?  The Bank of Canada dropped the bank rate .50% each of the last 2 weeks and the banks passed the savings along by dropping their prime by the same on the first drop and we are awaiting their decision on the second drop.  The drops in the prime rate effect the variable rate mortgage and loan products, not the longer term fixed rate mortgage products which most people have.

The longer term mortgage products follow the Canadian Bond Yields which have also plummeted the last 2 weeks along with the stock market and are expected to continue downward for the foreseeable future as we deal with the fall out from the Covid-19 virus, and a spat between Russia and the Saudi's driving oil prices down.

Where the markets are going is unknown at this point, as we are truly in uncharted waters, so now is a good time to remember 2008 when many thought the investment world was coming to an end.  Look what has happened since, new highs have been reached on most exchanges, unemployment has hit record lows, and real estate has bounced back, so stay calm and don't panic as the market will come back, we will solve the Covid-19 virus, and Trump will be out of the White House at some point.

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