Thank-you to My AgentsBoost Supporters

Appreciating This World Wide Real Estate Community We Have Built Together

thank you for supporting agentsboost real estate blogIt is with an attitude of gratitude I share with you, that AgentsBoost was just a little idea when it was launched not even a year ago. The idea was to share with the real estate industry what I was taught these past 20 years by so many different mentors and to make an impact on agents personal and professional lives this year and in the coming future.

This is one way of giving back to an industry that has given me and my family so much in the last 2 decades.

Without you, the readers support, this blog would have been falling on deaf ears, and would have been a waste of time and energy but thanks to all of you I have been able to share what I hope is relevant, helpful content to assist you in becoming more effective and profitable with your real estate career and in your own personal life.

Here is what this little idea called AgentsBoost has done and become in under a year of existence… An amazing response that I did not expect.

In the First 9 Months of Existence AgentsBoost Has


  • Engaged Agents from 105 different countries
  • Welcomed over 7,500 unique visitors
  • Agents visiting from over 2,100 cities
  • Over 1,000 visitors coming to the website from social media websites
  • 2,800 agents joining us from mobile phones and tablets
  • 375 Facebook likes
  • 239 Linkedin Shares
  • 67 Tweets
  • 50 Google+
  • Hundreds of on-site comments, personal emails, thank yous, questions and comments.

For this I am humbled, honored and I want to personally thank all of you for your involvement in making Agentsboost what it is today.

Going forward, my commitment is to continue sharing that which has helped me reach the level I have in the real estate business with the hope it will give you new insights into how you can achieve your own personal and career goals.

I am excited to announce a few new things for the fall from this little idea AgentsBoost, I will be launching.

Firstly, since up until now this has merely been a weekly blog post directed to the masses, I realize the effectiveness will only go so far. As a result I have put together a more in depth and personal one on one coaching opportunity for those of you who want to take their business and personal lives to a whole new level.

With decades of experience in the capacity of both a licensed realtor and as a broker owner, I feel I have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with any of you who are ready to learn and implement the proven strategies I have acquired during my career.

The second announcement is a book launch in the fall I would like to share with you. The final product is something I am proud of and believe it will provide incredible value to any of you who choose to be a part of it. Stay tuned for more news to follow in the near future.

Click here for more information about the Real Estate Coaching Program and to take advantage of the one-on-one consultation available to see if this is an opportunity right for you and your business.

Finally, as a token of appreciation to all my AgentsBoost followers I have attached 2 of my favorite mentorship Ebooks I believe will impact you personally and professionally.

Strength and courage,


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Thank-you to My AgentsBoost Supporters