Pride of Ownership

Showing Your Pride of Ownership

The term “pride of ownership” can often be found when scrolling through online listings or through real estate sites. However, the definition is so obscure, leaving much curiosity about what exactly it entails. Let's break it down.

Buying a home is an incredible accomplishment that involves rigorous saving and a huge investment to secure what is likely the largest asset a person will ever own. When real estate professionals discuss pride of ownership, it refers to the homeowner having taken great care of their home, making it stand out among others in the area. 

Showing pride of ownership comes in handy once you decide to list your home for sale. The hard work and elbow grease you put into maintaining the home will shine. When it is evident that a home is well cared for, potential buyers are instilled with a sense of confidence that the home is in good shape and that they won’t be subjected to a list of hidden costs and repairs once closing day comes. This often results in an increase of interest in the property, a shorter time on the market, and higher sale price. 

Here are a few ways that you can show your pride of ownership.

Fix Things ASAP

People tend to wait too long before getting around to completing necessary repairs. Instead of letting a problem snowball, it’s important to take initiative and fix things as soon as possible. Not only does this show how much you care as a homeowner, but it ensures everything is in good condition before going to the next buyer. 


Keep Everything Tidy

A free and efficient way to show your pride of ownership is simply by cleaning. This includes both the inside and outside of the house. You can do this on your own, or supplement your cleaning by hiring a company to come in and reach the tiny nooks and crannies that you tend to miss, or to complete larger jobs like cleaning baseboards and walls. It is also important to keep your yard tidy and gardens tended to, as this can create heightened curb appeal and ultimately preserve your property and the exterior of your home. Buyers tend to be attracted to shiny things, and a clean home never fails to sparkle on MLS. 


Upgrade Spaces

If you really want to go above and beyond, some thoughtful upgrades is a great way to go if you’ve got the money to put into it. Some excellent ideas with a high return on investment include a finished basement, kitchen renovation, and bathroom makeover. 


Get Outside!

While everyone does love a meticulously maintained household, it is important not to neglect your landscaping. The outside of your home is like an invitation to the inside; If it is well dressed and cared for, people see it as a reflection of the condition of your home behind closed doors. Ensuring the outside of your home is not just clean, but has been maintained throughout the years not only helps its aesthetic appeal but also works as a form of preventative maintenance to ensure your investment holds strong throughout the years. 


All in all, showing your pride of ownership essentially boils down to continued practice of caring for and maintaining your house. The best part is, it doesn’t always have to be costly. All you really need is a little time and effort, and a whole lot of love to ensure your pride of ownership is the talk of the town when you decide to list your home.