People Don’t Buy for Logical Reasons… They Buy for Emotional Reasons… What are Your Client’s Reasons?

What is Your Client’s Pain or Pleasure? Do You Have a Clue?

In order to have a client do what you want them to do you must first help them discover their inner pain or pleasure.
Joe Stumpf ~ My Mentor

There are only two emotions that trigger someone to act and those are “pain” and

In the real estate business I find so many agents do not recognize the importance of discovering
what their buyer or seller’s true driving motivation is.

Is your client running from “pain”?

Are they running to  “pleasure”?

Knowing the answer to those questions is only the tip of the iceberg and to truly help them alleviate
their “pain” or realize their “pleasure it is critical as a real estate agent you spend the time to dig down
to the root or source of what your clients desires or fears truly are.

How much time do you spend with your clients to discover what they really fear or desire?

Most agents ask “level one” questions to their buyers (and sellers) whereas
the key to truly serving your client is to dig deeper and get to seventh level

Asking a minimum of seven questions, called the “5-6-7 technique” will help you and
your client discover what their hot button truly is.

For example…

5-6-7 Go Deep…

Level 1… “What do you want to buy?” you ask


“We want to upgrade” they reply
Level 2… “Ok great” you reply… “Why is this important to you?”

“Well the kids are growing up and we could use more room” is their reply.

Level 3… “Oh yah… and why is that important to you?” 

“As the kids grow up they are becoming more independent and want to spread their wings a bit more”

Level 4… ”That is great… can you tell me a bit more about that”?

“Well Johnny is really into drums and could use a room in the basement to “hammer away” and Suzie
loves to sew and it would be great if we had an extra bedroom she could set up “shop” in… and of course Diane and
I love our outdoor living space so a bigger yard would give us more opportunity to putter”

Level 5… “Very cool… I don’t want to be nosy but can you tell me why all of this is important to you?”

“Well a person only lives once and time flies by so if a person isn’t diligent about capturing their dreams time
just seems to go by”

Level 6… “Oh yah… I hear you… this is so interesting… tell me more please”

“Ever since I was first married it has been my passion to raise a family where we
all help each other live happy, fun and fulfilling lives.”

Level 7… “That is such a great goal… how do you feel when you focus on these passions?”

“Are you kidding me? It makes me excited… I feel alive and it makes all the hassles and trials of
life completely worth it.”

Can you see the power of this?

Once you get to Level 7 then you summarize…

So it really isn’t about upgrading is it?

It’s about spending time with your wife and children who are the most important people
in your life and being able to grow together as a family helping each other realize their dreams.

At this point they are revved up and hanging on your every word.

And you ask them… “In order to realize this goal”

  1. What do you think you need to do differently?
  2. What do you think you should do next?
  3. What are you waiting for?
  4. Why aren’t you doing it?

The best way you can serve your client is to help firmly etch in their minds and emotions
exactly what it is they are running from or what they are running to.

Use the 5-6-7 method to remind them of their pain and pleasure and help them create the
results in real estate they are looking for.


Strength and courage,




People Don’t Buy for Logical Reasons… They Buy for Emotional Reasons… What are Your Client’s Reasons?

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