Kelowna: British Columbia’s New Real Estate Paradise

City of Kelowna
Downtown Kelowna Marina and Waterfront

Moving to Kelowna was something people once dreamed up as retirement plans, but has now transformed into a top location for homebuyers everywhere. The popularity of the city has grown and become a popular spot sought out by those looking to ditch the major metropolitan areas and look for something closer to nature, more family friendly, and slightly more remote. This interest is at an all time high, and here is why. 


COVID-19 has not only changed the face of Real Estate in Canada, it has also made buyers from coast to coast re-evaluate their needs in terms of a home, and a community. During the onset of the global pandemic, companies everywhere began moving their workers out of the office and setting them up with the technology needed to be efficient remote workers. Simultaneously, many school boards across all levels opened up for virtual learning, and students took to attending class from the comfort of their own homes. 


While this shake up required a bit of an adjustment period, workers and learners everywhere began to see the benefits that came along with working from home. The commute was eliminated, more time was spent with loved ones, less money being spent on gas or take-out, and overall, a much better work-life balance was attainable. Now, with many employers moving the remote work set-up from temporary status into something more permanent, homeowners are looking for homes that not only accommodate the space they need, but also increase the overall quality of life, something that looked entirely different prior to COVID-19. 


Kelowna Waterfront Condos

It is because of this that Kelowna is seeing an influx in buyers relocating from major metropolitan areas such as Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto. People used to look at Abbotsford and Langley for a small-town feel, but as time goes on, the towns are feeling similar to a crowded Vancouver or urban centre. 


With buyers making remote working conditions a priority on their list when house hunting, they are looking for more space both indoors and out, in communities that allow for active lifestyles, with picturesque views that you don’t have to travel too far to enjoy. People want to be prepared to not only live and work from home, but also to be able to enjoy their property to the fullest in the event of any pending closures and lockdowns in the future.

For those who live in this little slice paradise already, it is easy to see the appeal. Leaving the highrise condominiums and crowded streets for bigger houses, great outdoor space, lots of amenities, and a real sense of community is as easy of a choice as it gets. Buyers also have benefitted by getting more bang for their buck, however, as popularity rises, the gap in pricing between homes in the Okanagan Valley compared to the more metropolitan Vancouver is tightening up. 

Once a place that people came to vacation, or to enjoy retirement, the city of Kelowna and the Okanagan Valley have risen in popularity among homebuyers. Kelowna has it all, and people are looking to take advantage of that now so that they can enjoy and embrace life to the fullest, each and every day. 

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