7 Essential Truths for Your Real Estate Success

Learn 7 Powerful Real Estate Business Myths and Truths

valuable myths and truths for a realtors successThere are two kinds of people:
Those who say, “I will believe it when I see it.”
And those who say, “To see it, I know I must believe it.”
~ From The Secret ~

Recently I was away on a family vacation and had time to dive into some great books. I just had to share with you some great nuggets from my favorite book of 2013 (so far) for my AgentsBoost post this week.

Richard Robbins is a mentor, friend and world class speaker-trainer in the Canadian real estate industry. Richard personally sent me a copy of his new book “Deliver the Unexpected, a Business Fable and 6 Other New Truths for Business Success.” I cannot say enough about this book and would recommend anyone in real estate or business in general to take the time to really enjoy this great story.

Without ruining the book for you I want to share the 7 powerful myths and the even more powerful 7 Truths for business success……

Truth # 1 – The Future Myth (The Challenge With Setting Goals)

A great goal doesn’t motivate us from the outside in. it inspires us from the inside out. The problem is most people have been conditioned to define only the goal and not doing anything to move toward their goal.

Example – Road Trip or Holiday. We research the route and buy a few maps and get excited about the trip. Until you put in the mileage every day a goal is just that… A distant point that you never reach. You can’t drive from New York to LA without getting in the car and driving.

Myth – Goals create success by telling us where to arrive tomorrow.
Truth – Goals create success by telling us what to do today. Focus on the “DO” and the actions of your goals.

Truth #2 – The Knowledge Myth (Knowledge is Power)

Example – A woman was held back because of not having a degree or diploma. Ironically the knowledge that degree (piece of paper) represents is available for free in a library or online. You can have the degree and the  knowledge and still not be successful. It isn’t the knowledge that matters but what you do with it that makes all the difference. People allow their lack of knowledge to hold them back, never reaching their potential. Robbins says get over the knowledge and get into the business of doing.

Myth- Success comes from knowing what to do.
Truth –Success comes from doing more of what we already know. Don’t worry about what you don’t know about not having a degree in real estate. Focus on doing more with what you already know.

Truth #3 -The Failure Myth (Fear of Failure)

The fear of failure has its purpose, but it is not to reach success. The fear of failure will only take us so far and that is survival. There are so many things we can do in real estate that we don’t because we are afraid to fail or of being rejected and worried about not doing them perfectly. The key to getting comfortable and making progress is to actually fail more by trying more. This is how to gain the experience needed for success.

Example – Oprah Winfrey was fired from her first job telling her she was not fit for television. Walt Disney was fired as a newspaper editor telling him he had no imagination. J.K Rowling author Harry Potter was on welfare and Seinfeld froze up and was booed off stage in his first year as a stand-up comedian.

Myth – Failure is the opposite of success
Truth – Failure is the path to achieve success

Truth #4 – The Abundance Myth (Giving vs. Having)

What is your intention? Your intention with clients is not to get their business, land a listing, and make a sale. It is to serve people… to help others get what they need… help them achieve their goals. People implicitly trust you when they know you have their best interest at heart. That is how an abundance future is created.

Example – What are some of the most affluent people doing with their money today? For example Bill Gates, BONO from U2, Warren Buffet who are focusing on giving back not on what they have.

Myth – Abundance is defined by what we have.
Truth – Abundance is defined by what we give.

Truth #5 – The Value Myth (What do You Value?)

Example – It’s Valentine’s Day. You buy your wife flowers. You bring home the flowers and she says “thank-you”… YAWN! Doing the same old thing once a year isn’t that original right? So how would you increase your value next Valentines? How about taking the time to order her favorite flower (TIP: you first need to find out what that flower is)  and have them delivered with an anonymous note that says “Get dressed up tonight”… Then have a limo arrive to pick her up where you are waiting to wine and dine her. Think she will feel “valued” this year? Deliver the unexpected in your business as well.

Myth – Value is delivering more of what people want.
Truth – Value is created by delivering the unexpected.

Truth #6 – The Attraction Myth (Challenge Have-Do-Be Mindset)

Example – We believe we need to have more time in order to exercise and to be healthy. Or we think when I earn more money, then I will save more and then I can be more financially responsible. But these beliefs are backwards…… If you begin to be financially responsible now then your intention and behavior changes and you will make your bill payments, save and invest which will then change what you have financially. These actions change your beliefs about money and success which in turn will change what you “have”.

Myth – We attract into our lives what we want to have.
Truth – We attract into our lives who we are.

Truth #7 – The Happiness Myth (Have vs. Be)

Being happy isn’t a myth but having happiness is. Everyone is striving for happiness like happiness is a thing, something you can buy or have… but it is not. Happiness is something we choose in any moment. You can’t have happiness, you can only be it.

“Choosing to be happy is so difficult sometimes but at the same time is so liberating”
~ Missy Jenkins ~ (Missy is in a wheelchair for life after being shot in a high school shooting)

Myth – You can have happiness
Truth – You can’t have happiness. You can only be it.

Thank you Rich for sharing this great fable and these powerful Success principles… I hope they will impact you and your real estate success in 2013.

Strength and courage,


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7 Essential Truths for Your Real Estate Success

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