Tools That Help


National Branding and Institutional Advertising

Investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in helping you become a household name by consumer branding through National Magazine Advertisements, National Television Spots, Billboards, News Media Releases and Survey of Canadian Home Prices.

Local Consumer Branding through Community Advertising

  • Real Estate Weekly – Capital News
  • Kelowna Courier
  • Magazines
  • Local Television
  • Castanet Internet Site
  • Banners in Community Papers
  • Royal LePage Place Arena
  • Yellow Pages
  • Local Phone Books
  • Annual Awards page in Real Estate Weekly
  • Radio Campaign

Carriage Trade Branding

Logo, Signage, Advertising Design and Marketing have been designed to set you apart from your competitor when dealing with Luxury Carriage Trade resulting in enhancing the salability of the product for you.

Carriage Trade Properties

Customer Care Program

A joint initiative involving both the office and the sales team. This program will help you personally stay in touch with your clients after they list or purchase a new home. How? By sending a series of congratulatory cards and marketing material over the next five years of their ownership.

This program assists you in building a reputation by providing the most dedicated and creative service to your clients and customers.

Whether your client has recently listed their home or is buying a new home, or is in the process of selling, “Customer Care” allows you to clearly express your appreciation and commitment to the needs and importance of the client, from the beginning and into following years.

Royal LePage Kelowna Van

The van is ideal when moving small items, valuables or delicate possessions such as paintings, mirrors, plants etc. There is no charge to you or the staff for the use of this van.

Royal LePage’s In-House Marketing Agency – Royal LePage Diner


Making a Difference and Making an Impact

In the shifting landscape of today’s marketplace, it’s harder than ever to make an impact on an audience that is constantly and relentlessly bombarded with messages from every medium. You have products and services to sell-and the Royal LePage Diner is uniquely equipped to help you develop a marketing strategy and design that will make sure you stand out. The agents particularly appreciate our hands-on approach. When we’re working for you, we’re actually working with you. Think of the Royal LePage Diner as a natural extension of your own office, as your own marketing department.