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The thought of buying a home, making such a large investment, may be nerve wracking and unfamiliar to many of us. There are many things to consider: preparing the listing, determining the appropriate price, organizing showings, marketing the property, preparing legal documents and knowing the important questions to ask before making a purchase.

Buying and selling property is an emotional decision. 

The role of a licensed real estate agent is to guide you through the home buying process, from start to finish. They are to provide neutral and balanced advice, allowing you to make smart decisions and be well informed.

When working with a Royal LePage Kelowna agent, they will:

  • Respond honestly and accurately to all questions.
  • Search all available properties – listed, for-sale-by-owner, foreclosures, and new construction – for homes appropriate to the buyer’s needs and wants.
  • Show suitable homes, specifying strengths and weaknesses.
  • Provide guidance on best property values.
  • Advise on local requirements for professional property inspection and warranties.
  • Provide information and estimates for any services requested.
  • Arrange for property inspection.
  • Confirm that needed corrections or repairs to the property have been completed.
  • Research and analyze comparative financial data on neighbouring properties.
  • Offer broker opinions on the value of properties under consideration.
  • Analyze mortgage loan terms from multiple lenders and advise on the most favourable.
  • Consult on appropriate offers to purchase.
  • Submit offers promptly.
  • Consult on counteroffers.
  • Assist in choosing the closing authority.

Our Agents Are Experienced Negotiators

During negotiations, Royal LePage Kelowna agents know when to table an offer and at what price. They know the clauses to include in the offer that will appeal to the seller and protect you - the buyer. Our agents know how to guide you through all the critical decisions related to buying and selling a property.  

The purchase of your home is one of your largest financial investments, why wouldn’t you use a professional?