What Color Is Your Brain?

In her book What Color Is Your Brain? personality-type expert, author and speaker Sheila N. Glazov simplifies the traditional Myers-Briggs personality indicator into a four-color-based, easy-to-use assessment model. “Misunderstandings between people often are the result of not appreciating another individual’s unique personality traits,” she says. Getting to know the color of your brain and of those whom you are dealing with in business can increase your likelihood of success.

Glazov’s assessment shakes out as such:

Yellow Brain: Rule-abiding critical thinkers, who need to be “right.”

Attitude: “I like to be in control.”

Blue Brain: Intuitive and creative people, who think “the sky’s the limit.”

Attitude: “I’ve got a great idea.”

Green Brain: Problem solving, contemplative loners, who thrive on innovation.

Attitude: “I want to be alone to think.”

Orange Brain: Creative, risk-taking instigators of change, who get results.

Attitude: “I can do it all.”

Short of handing out a personality quiz at a meeting, how can you assess your prospect’s brain color? Start with the cold call. Include key information like the name of the person who referred you and listen for the clues.

Yellow immediately refers to an appointment calendar. Blue waxes on about their relationship with the person who referred you and happily helps you out. Green usually won’t answer the phone, but on the off chance he picks up he’ll want the facts and only the facts. Orange is eager and spontaneous and wants to know how quickly you can get there.

Modifying social behaviors based on brain color keeps you from missteps that can set relationships back years. It can also win you sales. Don’t dare be late if you’re meeting with a Yellow Brain. It’s better to reschedule. Blue loves the chitchat before a meeting and doesn’t really get comfortable until you connect with them personally. Try that same tack with Green and you’re wasting their time. Fill them up with data and let them sell you with their knowledge. Get to the point quickly with Orange, but forget the facts and figures. They’re just looking for results and a spontaneous conversation about their Caribbean cruise.