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I had several comments from members about showing

properties to buyers outside of what they described they

are looking for. I thought I’d share a couple of them.


I find your tips very helpful.  I have something I do with clients when

I want to show them some things that don’t quite fit their parameters. 

I say something like, “I know you told me you didn’t want to live west

of Highway 113, but there is a house out there with a lot of the

 features I think you are looking for.  Would you like to see it?”  I

have used this technique with several clients, and they ended up buying

either that house or one in the same area.  At least when you

acknowledge that it doesn’t quite fit their stated parameters, they

know you hear and respect their wishes. 



I agree with your comment, but sometimes "buyers are liars".  If there

is a home that I think they would truly like that is either out of the area

or style. I say "I know this is not what you have been considering, but

can you do me a favor and let me show you this house. There is

something about it I think you might really like." The clients will usually

go along and sometimes it opens a whole new inventory for them to

look at. Other times, you will be wrong, I think it is important you

understand your clients priorities, but sometimes opening up the box




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Rick DeLuca's Marketing Tip for Week of January 10, 2011