Keeping Staff, Agents and the Public Safe

Royal LePage Kelowna Safety Protocols

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In the Public:

Currently, we are closed to the general public. You can contact your real estate agent directly, or you can call into our office and we will assist you. There are phone numbers posted on our reception doors.

In our office:

First Level Protection

  • Office is not open to the general public, real estate agents have been requested to meet their clients outside of the office as much as possible
  • Real estate agents have been asked to reduce the amount of time spent in the office, come in after regular business hours and if in the office, not to meet in the common areas
  • When sending in documentation, send electronically when able to do so
  • Any verbal or written directions to be done over the phone or via email as much as possible
  • Most staff are in separate offices, when sharing an office, desks are more than 2 metres apart
  • Visible barriers have put installed on doorways of staff members
  • All but 1 computer/phone have been removed from common areas
  • Furniture has been moved to dissuade use in common areas
  • Training room has been changed to a meeting space - limited to 4 people. 
  • Sign in/out is required and is cleaned before and after every use  
  • Photocopiers have been moved to 2 metre apart
  • Guidelines have been distributed to staff and real estate agents and are posted at every entry point

Second Level Protection

  • Plexiglass barriers are being installed at all reception areas (Kelowna, West Kelowna & Lake Country Offices)

Third and Fourth Level Protection

  • Staff have been issued sanitizer, have masks and tissues available at request
  • Real Estate Agents have been asked to wear masks in common areas (when risk is high of contracting a virus).
  • If clients are visiting, the agents are requested to advise their clients to wear a mask, or provide one for them.
  • Sanitizer dispensers are installed at each entry point
  • Surface spray disinfectant has been supplied and all common areas, and staff workplaces are to be wiped down in the beginning and ending of the day
  • Staff has been directed to not share phone headsets, and office supplies
  • Staff has been directed to use only the kitchen garbage cans
  • Proper signage (how to clean your hands/ use sanitizer) has been mounted at all sinks, and dispensers and how to, additional signage on COVID-19 prevention has been mounted in general areas
  • Screening Questions are posted at every entrance point
  • Staff and real estate against have been directed to go home if they develop any symptoms, they have been provided the 8-1-1 HealthLink Number and the COVID-19 Self Assessment Tool online