We have a great “culture” – the people I work with aren’t just colleagues, they’re friends. The whole organization, from the top down is warm, friendly & inclusive – we embrace each other’s differences and genuinely celebrate each other’s achievements. Our company puts a great ideal of emphasis on continuing education/training/learning. It fosters an environment that helps me to be the best I can in my industry. The management team understands a symbiotic relationship whereby both of us win if they help me to be better. They put ethics ahead of profits. RLK is a company that actually “screens” its new hires – we aren’t a “puppy mill” like so many companies that will accept anyone who’s willing to pay fees. Our company’s approach to education proves that they don’t just want contracts written, they want GOOD contracts that protect the interests of our clients, written. Additionally, the support staff at RLK do just that – provide effective, meaningful support to the realtors, allowing us to do our jobs without worrying about the non-revenue producing but important tasks.
-Chris Docksteader

I would have to say that being associated with Royal LePage Kelowna helps my business because of the reputation that Royal LePage has. My business truly benefits from the support that I receive from Royal LePage Kelowna in the form of management as well as the hands on tools that are available to me including: stats, forms, packages, tours, meetings, information, programs, courses and education.

The things that I value and sets our company apart from our competitors? – Putting cluture first, Manager Support, Education is encouraged and provided on a consistent basis, Innovative ideas are shared and promoted, the managers encourage you to look at the big picture (5 circles) and makes sure you are paying attention to all areas of your life. The other realtors are always willing to help, the administrative staff are friendly and supportive. We have fun!
-Jackie Large

I appreciate the friendly, professiona; staff that is referred to as the “front end and support groups” along with 99% of the Realtors. The support is undeniably the best I have received in my almost three decade tenure. Keeping us professional… It’s easy to slide and not sweat the little things but they will always add up to big bad things if someone isn’t on top of them. Thanks for continuing to demand these standards.
-Terry Albrecht

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